Micah Shiva

My favorite part of the day today
in the break room at work, mid Friday
among the light of the February sun
was Micah standing there with the flowers.

He had removed them from the compost bin,
and we placed them back in the glass vase
from which they had been removed and tossed.

They were still very alive, we thought.

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October Flora

A pretty magical weekend. Nathan picked me up at my front door around 8pm Friday and we walked downtown for a beer at The Local prior to meeting up with his friends and seeing a brass band at the Dakota Jazz Club. Everyone was in a happy mood, we sat at a long table, crowded among others, a full house. The wine, water, beer was poured and shared; the frites and flatbread and escargot were served and enjoyed; the trumpets sang, trombones moaned, the tuba bellowed underneath. Continue reading “October Flora”

See ya, Summer; Third Eye Blind; more

Half-hour interval before the wash is done. Write for 30 minutes — go!

For the past two weeks, I have been listening to Third Eye Blind’s eponymous album from 1997. I have no idea why, other than that the album rocks. I first purchased the CD, used, off Amazon at age 12 or something because I loved the song “How’s It Gonna Be.” These days, pretty much the whole album speaks directly to my soul. I envision myself painting madly, with full-bent feminine rage, to this album. The last four songs, especially the last three… wow.

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Bike Ride at Sunset

I spent the day sleeping and reading, in turns, so at 8 p.m. I decided to get outside for a little while on this gorgeous July day.

The natural choice was a bike ride around the lakes at sunset. As I rode the various paths, a thought came to me: I wasn’t as interested in the path ahead of me as I was in the pleasant scenery around me.

The thought in that instance led to a reflection about life as a whole.

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