See ya, Summer; Third Eye Blind; more

Half-hour interval before the wash is done. Write for 30 minutes — go!

For the past two weeks, I have been listening to Third Eye Blind’s eponymous album from 1997. I have no idea why, other than that the album rocks. I first purchased the CD, used, off Amazon at age 12 or something because I loved the song “How’s It Gonna Be.” These days, pretty much the whole album speaks directly to my soul. I envision myself painting madly, with full-bent feminine rage, to this album. The last four songs, especially the last three… wow.

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A Saturday in the Life

As much as possible these days, I play the game of intuition on the weekends. I have designed a “no plans” lifestyle for myself, which allows for complete freedom of being during my non-work hours. The game of intuition, for me, means acting as instinctively as possible, moment to moment, from basically the moment I leave work on Friday afternoons until going to bed on Sunday evenings.

Today, Saturday, was a slow start. It’s exceptionally warm in my third-floor apartment as I do not own or operate an air conditioner. And, baby!, this summer is shaping up to be a warm one.

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Organized Innocence

Whoever said that everything you need to know in life can be learned in high school English class was onto something.

With a light green pen, age 17, I copied the following information into my class notebook.

innocence: the state of the soul which is represented by the naïve outlook of the child who believes what he is told by his elders, and takes appearance for reality, and the best aspect of things for the whole truth

experience: the state of the soul which is represented by a changed outlook of someone who has undergone some corrupting influence which has influenced the perspective toward negativity. The world is materialistic, poverty-stricken, oppressed, diseased, full of war, and is epitomized by the bad things of modern life

organized innocence: a state of the soul which began in innocence, passes through and assimilates the opposing state of experience, and moves on, by an act of imagination, to a third state where the person has risen above the corruption. He or she is changed but not destroyed and comes to a new understanding or appreciation of the world

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